Welcome to elis (Early Learning Integrated Services)

Available Tuesday 7 - 8:30pm & Saturday 10 - 11:30am

or email: contact@ridgemeadowsecd.ca with your enquiry



elis was designed for parents and caregivers to access information that they are

seeking in a simplified way. We know how difficult, and at times frustrating, it can

be to find the service or program that best suits your needs. You may not know

where to begin looking for services for your children, or yourself, or what the range

of options there might be for you regarding a specific situation. elis can provide you

with one on one time, with a real person, to find you the information you are  looking

for either through video chat or messaging using Skype. 


  • How does elis work?









Please keep in mind that this service does not provide counselling or professional advice for your family, rather, by asking you a few simple questions it will help you to connect with the agency or service that can answer your specific enquiry. Afterwards, you can expect to be contacted as soon as possible by a service provider specialist. 

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