The EDI is a population-level research tool. This means it measures developmental change or trends in populations of children.


Communities, schools, and governments use the EDI data, along with associated maps and reports, to inform their work. Learning how children are currently faring across the province means that communities, schools and governments are able to tailor supports and services for families and young children where and when they are needed.


Early Development Instrument

Varying research and reports that focus broadly on newcomer and refugees, child health, family policy and child poverty.


Also included on this page is our local Ridge Meadows Parent Barriers Benchmark Survey 2011.


Additional Research and Reports

This literature review took place from December 2010 to June 2011 as part of a strategic planning deliverable to inform the Ridge Meadows Early Childhood Development Committee where we are currently situated in terms of poverty.


Included in this report are statistics, articles and reports that show where we are at locally, provincially, nationally and internationally in terms of:  definitions of poverty; statistics that relate to poverty; factors that decrease poverty; and policies that support poverty reduction.


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